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About Me

I did my very first translation on a typewriter some 30 years ago.

Over time, both technology and my skills have improved by leaps and bounds! When I realized that helping people bridge the language barrier was what I wanted for a career, I decided to get the right credentials under my belt.

Fast-forward in time and now I find myself a graduate of the Master’s Degree in English-Spanish Translation and Interpretation of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, in Mexico, my country of birth. In Canada, I am certified by ATIO, the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario. In the United States, I am certified by ATA, the American Translators Association. Both certifications involve a rigorous application process and only a small percentage of candidates become certified. I have travelled to far-off corners of the world on interpretation assignments and have literally translated millions of words (pun intended!).

I regularly attend translation and interpretation conferences and webinars to keep my certifications and skills up to date and network with other colleagues.

Why Choose Me?

I answer calls and reply to emails and messages quickly and never miss deadlines. My certified translations are valid for all official purposes within Canada and do not require any further validation.

I take great care in producing quality work and offer fast turnaround times. I also ensure my translations look as similar to the original as possible, for easy visual reference and impeccable presentation.

I check my work thoroughly before delivering it but, in the rare event that a mistake escapes my spellchecker and sharp eyes, I will fix it promptly and for free. I also have Errors and Omissions Insurance, and I am happy to report I remain claim-free.

I am familiar with Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) requirements and bill at their translation rates for those clients who have an LAO certificate. I leverage my specialized software tools to analyze documents digitally and apply discounts for repeated phrases so that clients who are covered by LAO can maximize their certificate based on the LAO cap for translation services.

Last but not least, I have the best assistant in the world! Her name is Ariel and I am pretty sure she understands Spanish.

Photo of Karina smiling and a separate photo of an orange cat.


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Muchas gracias por tu servicio. Te recomiendo 100%. Eres una persona profesional y haces tu trabajo muy rápido.


– Julie F.
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Muchas gracias por tu eficiencia y rapidez. Siempre que necesite algo acudiré a ti y te recomiendo ampliamente.

– Mauricio R.
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Muchas gracias por su maravilloso trabajo, quedé muy feliz.

– Ana S.
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Thank you so very much for your fast and excellent service.

– Carolina L.
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Thank you so much for your patience and excellent work.

– Emma M.
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Muchas gracias, ¡excelente trabajo y servicio!

– Juan Pablo C.
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Excellent, thanks for the quick work.

– Emily G.
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Gran trabajo el que ha realizado, muchas gracias.

– Weyner S.
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Thank you so much! We love your service, that’s why I keep coming back!

– Jessica K.
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Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y excelente trabajo

– Leticia M.
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FANTASTIC LOVELY WORK! ¡¡EXCELENTE EXCELENTE, muchísimas gracias mil veces!! Lovely detail, exact translation.

– Mark M.
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Thanks so much for completing the translations, I really admire your workmanship!

– Meera B.
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¡Muchas, pero que muchas gracias! Excelente trabajo y estoy muy agradecido.

– Víctor V.
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Amazing! So glad to have found you.

– Oricia T.
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Es un trabajo excelente, muy profesional.

– Mario V.
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I have been working with Karina for over a decade and her work is impeccable. I recommend her services in a heartbeat.

– Paola Melo, Immigration Lawyer
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Thanks so much for doing this! I just forwarded your translations to the client and she said they are perfect!

– Linda K.
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Thank you very much for your fast and excellent work.

– Luisaira M.
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You are an artist! Thank you so much for the lovely translation.

– Mario M.
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Just wanted to say the translations are excellent! They look great and very professional. Thank you for your hard work.

– Amedeo C.
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Thank you so much for your quick and excellent work and the discount you applied.

– Maxwell T.
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I have used Karina’s professional translation services many times and her work is exceptional.

– Linda K.
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Muchas gracias por tus servicios. Estoy totalmente complacida con tu trabajo, me pareció impecable.

– Stephanie R.
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I really like the way you present your work, I just told the lawyer that. We will for sure send you more stuff in the near future.

– Ada J.
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Muchas gracias por la ayuda y de manera tan rápida. Tu trabajo siempre tiene excelente calidad.

– Octavio J.
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Karina completed her work very promptly and so carefully that she was actually able to make helpful comments about some inconsistencies in the English documents!

– Cheryl Appell, Dickson Appell LLP
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Encantada con su servicio, ¡todo muy profesional!

– Kenia A.
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Karina has been a lifesaver on many occasions! Her work is outstanding and accurate.

– D. Chan